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Creativity Development Project

Creativity development projects is the most simple humanized concept. Immersive teaching which combines construction, science, technology, art, mathematics, and languages emphasizing the whole process of thinking and solving problems; cultivating hands-on ability, questioning spirit, teamwork and thinking habits

Project Objectives:

Through the children’s participation in the hands-on, brain-moving project, under the guidance of the instructor to complete the process of discovering, guiding and inspiring the creative ability, and improve the overall quality of the children.

Source of  Project :

Ms Joyce Hu of “Joyous Open Minded Education” is the the founder and creater, her research results in the teaching and project of “Creative Thinking in Teaching” and “How to Effectively Improve the Creativity of Design Students” has show inpressive results for all her student.


Joyous Inspirational Play - Joyous Inspire 3-1

Enlightenment course,It is suitable for children aged 4-5,

Course combines fine arts, mathematics, and language.
Let children enter the knowledge-seeking mode unconsciously in the entertainment study, and prepare for the future study and life.

Joyous Inspirational Play - Sail Plan

Play Enlightenment Course, suitable for 5-7 years old kids

Let children find the consistency between play and learning through many Process participation in projects,let them enjoy learning through the projects.

Joyous Inspirational Play-Enlighten Plan

Creative Enlightenment Course, suitable for children aged 8-12

Breaking the boundaries of the discipline, blending art, mathematics, science, etc. We help children open mind to enjoy the discovery, transformation, thinking and innovation

Joyous Inspirational Play-Boost Plan

Innovative and flexible curriculum, suitable for teenagers over 12 years old, through multiple project learning and multi-method expression, as well as expression methods, stimulate students’ creative open thinking while culturing students’ practical ability.



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