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Joyous Open Minded Mathematics


Joyous Open Minded Mathematics is an original program of Joyous Open Minded Education.

We use  “mathematics” material as a medium to guide children to learn and think with the method of open-minded education. So,Our teaching is not a traditional mathematics teaching method.

The content of Joyous Open Minded Mathematics

It covers the development of basic learning habits,  basic thinking preparation, grown up thinking habits, guiding of thinking, step by step teaching  practices. To let children use this way of thinking gradually unconsciously to think about other problems, to solve problems by analogy, and even learn other knowledge with this way of thinking.

History of Joyous Open Minded Mathematics

It is developed from Joyous Abacus Image Mental Arithmetic, which is one classic product of Joyous Open Minded Education. It has 10 years of history and it is the first course of many of  young Montrealers that have never gone to school. in their life. It has a unique effect on the development of children’s learning habits, especially the cultivation of concentration, memory and responsiveness.

Basic on years of follow-up data, our Students who participated in this program when they are very young as age in 5-7 years old

  • TOP mathematics ability in their school,  Their other course scores are higher than the average of other students at the same age..
  • More than 95% of children enter the top of public or private secondary schools in Montreal;
  • Many members of the same family have participated in the program;
  • The early students of ten years before have already studied in universities, and more than 90% have been in the top universities in North America.

    Joyous Image Mental Arithmetic: One year’s project, 


               Joyous Image Mental Arithmetic【CLASSIC】

    Best study Age: 5-7 years old

    Joyous Image Mental Arithmetic is a classic project of Joyous Open Minded Education. It uses the child’s imaging ability to train.  This is a special physiological ability of childhood. It can effectively improve children’s attention, reading ability, memory and responsiveness, and all of these are basic learning skills and habits that will benefit children for their future long-term studies. In the same time, we use abacus as a scientific traditional tool to lead children to the Mathematical kingdom.

    The image abacus calculation seems to count, but the working principle is not arithmetic in truth, it is just a kind of digital direct reading, so this is one graphics training.

    It is a remarkable fact that the imaging ability is an irreversible physiological phenomenon unique to childhood and this ability will gradually weaken as the age increases.

    The project best learning age is 5-7 years old as being the teaching practice proved by Joyous Open Minded Education in the past ten years.

    Different from the conventional Asian abacus mental arithmetic, Joyous Image Mental Arithmetic is combined with the actual needs of overseas children, which makes up for the lack of local mathematics teaching in the content;we dissect the basic mathematical concepts for children by the abacus as an effective and scientific traditional teaching aid.

    Joyous Image Mental Arithmetic becomes an ingenious project that helps children develop their learning abilities and habits with 10 years of practice.



    • Setting up basic learning abilities and habits are very important to your child’s learning of all knowledge, and Joyous Abacus Image Mental Arithmetic really helps your child get the benefits, of:
      • If your child is currently just 5 years old and the child’s schedule is difficult to manage. If you want your child to join the project, you can wait for 3-6 months;
      • If your child is already 6 years old, we recommend you to consider taking part in the project;
      • If your child is already 7 years old, or even 8 years old, we recommend you to arrange study as soon as possible.


    Playing Maths using fingers !


               Joyous Fun Finger calculator【ORIGINAL】

              Suitable for 4.5-7 years old Child

    • It is JOME original course which is suitable for the cloud class ,it is also the derivative product of Joyous image mental arithmetic,
    • Let the children touch the mathematics with games, know the numbers, using their hands and brain work together to quickly experience the fun of basic calculations;
    • Help children develop intelligence by using both hands at high frequencies and synchronizing multiple organ coordination movements to stimulate the brain!
    • Use unique ways to help your children improve their responsiveness, attention and memory
    • This project is easier to learn and master than  Joyous Image Mental Arithmetic project.


    One year project,the next step is the project of Joyous number feeling and topological changes,

    The Number feeling from game!

    🌸   Original Project: Joyous Number Feeling & Topological Changes

            suitable for 8-10 children ( Test admission)

    Cultivating the child’s logarithmic feeling through games, let children find numbers are the fun and infinite possibilities through combination and decomposition and help them gradually to develop a sense of extended thinking. We dissect mathematics with the child’s familiar life phenomenon, let children discover the secret hidden behind the appearance that Mathematics really exists in life. They will find those complex things can be solved in a simple way through the way they make step-by-step problem solving. They will know the complexity begins with simplicity, the flexibility makes the world is diversification,then they establish the confidence to solve the problem and from that an  effectively thinking way 。


    One year project,the next step is the project of Joyous Thinking Expands & Adapts

    The way to establish thinking:
    • Thinking habits;
    • Thinking guidance;
    • Thinking development;
    • Drawing inferences about other cases from one instance; 
    • Mastering a theory, using flexible ways

    🌸    Original Project: Joyous Thinking Expands & Adapts

             Suitable for over 10 years old  Children (Test Admission)

    The project combines mathematics with life phenomena, reveal the inner relationship between them, and then guide children’s flexible thinking and imagination. Let children discover the diversity and selectivity of the solution, training them Intuitive awareness quickly in select and effectively judge with conditions. We work with children together to do research, exploration and analysis to find solutions, guiding them integrate the previous knowledge in the subconscious, so making them more confident when they face  new problems, Then by using this thinking way and habits to learn other knowledge.


    One year project,better choice the project of  Joyous Number Feeling & Topological Changes before this project


    • Let kids have good learning skills and habits before 6 years old to give them energy for their long future learning life.
    • Let children develop conscious thinking habits before 10 years old will be great significance for their future!



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