Joyous Open Minded Education Programs

Joyous Open Minded Education offers different original enlightenment programs for people (Children & Adults), We hold 100% copyright for those programs.

Business package helps you open the East-West commercial channel

Joyous Business Chinese

Designed for non-native Chinese language business people who learn Mandarin to help them in business !

  • Speech etiquette in Chinese society
  • Basic business conversation with Chinese people
  • Common business vocabulary usage
Talking easy within 60 Hours start from 0 basic – For adults

Joyous Bridge Chinese

Designed for non-native Chinese language speakers who are interested in learning Mandarin conversation, fast to help you speak Chinese !

Target: Adults

Master basic conversational skills within 4 months (60 Hours)

  • Unlock the Chinese language quickly and easily using unique proven methods.
  • Learn about Chinese culture through comparative studies with other cultures.
Fun Mandarin,Natural learning way, Easy  enjoying and useful- For children

Joyous Fun Mandarin

Designed for children from 5 to 18 years old whose mother tongue is not mandarin. The purpose is to help them open the language door to teach them mandarin from interesting symbols and words, wonderful food, culture and ancient civilization.

The different programs depend on the age  difference

  • Kids’ Fun Mandarin: 5-12 years old
  • Joyous Inspire Mandarin: 13 to 18 years old
Leading children to think logically about open mind Maths

Joyous Open Minded  Mathematics

The original project of Joyous Open Minded Education is not a traditional mathematics teaching course. It only uses “mathematics” as one medium and we guide the children to learn and think through the method of open-minded education. The total content covers set up of learning habits, thinking ways and guided thinking power.To let children gradually consciously use this way of thinking and also lead them to think about other questions. To solve problems by analogy, and even learn other knowledge by means of this way of thinking.

Three parts of the program consist of :

  • Joyous number game: 4-6 years old
  • Joyous image count:5-7 years old
  • Joyous number feeling touch and topological changes:8-10 years old
  • Joyous thinking development and flexibility:10 years old up

Discover the pleasure of the world through interesting projects

Joyous Inspirational Play Programs:

Creativity development projects is the most simple humanized concept. Immersive teaching which combines construction, science, technology, art, mathematics, and languages emphasizing the whole process of thinking and solving problems; cultivating hands-on ability, questioning spirit, teamwork and thinking habits


Through the children’s participation in the hands-on, brain-moving project, under the guidance of the instructor to complete the process of discovering, guiding and inspiring the creative ability, and improve the overall quality of the children.

Project Source:

Ms Joyce Hu of “Joyous Open Minded Education” is the the founder and creator. Her research results in the teaching and project of “Creative Thinking in Teaching” and “How to Effectively Improve the Creativity of Design Students” has shown impressive results on all her students.