The aim of Joyous Creative Seed Club helps children discover the consistency of life, study, phenomena and the world through various attempts. Let the children discover that their participation in the world can be different and let their curiosity about the world. Light up their future.

Discovering, guiding, and inspiring a person’s creativity is the purpose of Joyous Creative Seed Club!

Joyous Inspirational Play - Sail Plan

Play Enlightenment Course, suitable for 5-7 years old kids.

Let children find the consistency between play and learning through many Process participation in projects by letting them enjoy learning through these activites.

Joyous Inspirational Play -Enlighten Plan

Creative Enlightenment Course, suitable for children aged 8-12 Breaking the boundaries of the discipline, blending art, mathematics, science, etc. We help children open their minds to enjoy the discovery, transformation, thinking and innovation

Joyous Inspirational Play -Boost Plan

Innovative and flexible curriculum, suitable for teenagers over 12 years old, through multiple project learning and multi-method expression, as well as expression methods, stimulate students’ creative open thinking while culturing students’ practical ability.



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