Joyous Education Club ( JoyousGarden CLUB) 


Joyous Creative Seed Club:

  •  Joyous creative seed Club (JoyousGarden) is the dream of the founder of Joyous Open Minded Education, Ms Joyce Hu. The idea comes from her research program named “How to effectively stimulate people’s creativity”  in Jinan university many years ago, she made the long-term exploration of persevering creative thinking teaching.
  • Ms  Joyce Hu  believes that learning in school is important, but how to guide children to also have a curiosity about the world. To be able to think independently and to have the ability to solve problems in a flexible manner is more important.
  • Discovering, guiding, and inspiring a person’s creativity is most important.

Joyous TCSL Language Club:
Joyous TCSL Language Club aims to help club members improve the language skills in Chinese, English and French. These include expression and communication skills, especially in the social language and public expression ability.

It is the supplement and expansion of Joyous Open minded Education language course.