Joyous Claire Open Minded French

Joyous Claire Open Minded French(JCOMF)


 JCOMF ,Jointly developed by JOME (Joyous Open Minded Education) and Claire Language Studio, The aims of program helps children learn French solidly, smoothly integrate into school life, and high effectively master French listening, speaking, reading and writing.

JCOMF  is developed by Ms. Claire. Ms. Claire had taught in French universities and she is a member of the French Language Education Committee. She is proficient in French language and has mastering of French language teaching methods. She use OMEC concepts to guide and organize teaching and the teaching effect is remarkable.

 JCOMF  use a large number of poems, nursery rhymes, stories and other material forms, tailor-made for children, The teaching books close to the children’s life, suitable for their current language and context characteristics, showing moderate reading, interest, and knowledge

JCOMF  also has a corresponding docking plan to help English school students pragmatically!

• Basic: Inspiring Spelling & Recitation
Age:5-7 years old up
Target:In order to effectively help children adapt to the school-age school life as soon as possible, relieve the pressure of children entering school language learning and solve the powerlessness of parents assisting children in learning French. Through the correct pronunciation, spelling, and the method of cohesive inspiration, the correct spelling of French vocabulary can be achieved, and the purpose of learning to read French short articles quickly.

Intermediate: Enlightenment Expansion & Reading

– Age:8-10 years old up
Target:Children can further enhance their listening and reading reaction ability after the basis of accurate spelling and reading, the charpter will effectively help children understand the language structure ,composition of articles and French basic grammer, be able to describe events and express accurately in French, and write small articles.

• Advanced: Inspiring Appreciation & Writing

Age:8-10 years old up
Target:Basis on a certain amount of reading, children will do exercises of language enrichment are carried out to induce the child how to read appreciatively , so as to really improve the their language interest and ability, learn how to write interesting articles.



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