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JOME focuses on the creation and development of original open-minded programs, with a particular emphasis on pleasure, immersion, and guided pedagogy teaching methods.We are believers, practitioners, and researchers of open-minded education. JOME advocates the law of natural guidance and utilizes the method of enlightenment education to assist learners.
JOME retains 100% copyright ownership of the original education brand “Joyous” series programs and remains committed to upholding the principles of natural guidance while utilizing the OMEC system to assist learners. Through years of practice, we have discovered that the effectiveness of teaching arises from the collaboration between learners and their surrounding environment. The essence of education lies in enabling learners to discover the underlying logic of learning, foster critical thinking, understand the fundamentals, and develop the ability to flexibly solve problems.
JOME has been tracking the progress of students who participated in courses of JOEM during their early years for an extended time. Our findings indicate that these students consistently achieve grades above the average level of their respective schools,which suggests that their learning abilities, balanced performance across all subjects, and quick thinking skills are all commendable. For instance, more than 95% of our students have successfully gained admission to top high schools (both public and private) in Montreal, Canada. Furthermore, over 90% of the early cohort of students are known to have gained admission to top renowned universities in North America, they have already completed their undergraduate studies and even postgraduate degrees.

 The Conception of Open Minded Education

【 O M E C】

Open Minded education is a brand-new educational concept and method. It helps learners discover the underlying logic of learning, and use the underlying logic to think, know what is the fundamentals of object , and then find how to slove problems flexible.

It dilutes the concept of traditional teacher teaching, which blurring the concept of life and curriculum at the same time, cultivate autonomous and active learners from thinking and methods two sides.

【OMEC】 The content covers the development of basic learning habits and basic learning abilities (such as how to access to information and rapid feedback quickly, etc.) the structure unlocking and reshaping, multi-angle thinking, level by level opening of thinking barriers, and establishment of subconscious thinking modes, so as to gradually from a self-learning ecosystem and fundamentally help learners

It’s important to note that the method of open-minded education does not only work to children, but it can also work for everybody who interesting the exploration of any new field.

Joyous Business Chinese

Business package helps you open the East-West commercial channel

Joyous Bridge Chinese

Talking easy within 60 Hours start from 0 base – For adults

Joyous Fun Mandarin

Fun Mandarin,Natural learning way, Easy  enjoying and useful for children

Joyous Open Minded Maths

Develop learning and thinking habits. Be surprised of the progression!

Joyous Enlighten from Play

Enjoy learning and find creative interest from play!



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