Dating with Qipao

       Write by Joyce Hu


We come, elegantly, with you ,
We come, gently, with you ;
We come here, because of you ,
We dream of our hometown often
—- because of you .


Pretty, you could be in colourful,
Elegant, you could be in simple;
Action, you could be in energy,
Quiet, you could be peaceful.


Your style is beautiful :
Your collar is straight,
Your hem is in the right size;
You are cut suitably for the body;


Your beauty is from the East:
No matter the lady is how talented,
Even the lady is just simple and nice;
Everything is perfect when they are with you!


We read books with you,
We drink tea and try incense with you;
We love ourselves and love people with you;
We always keep young with you,!


Today we come because of you,
We celebrate your birthday and make a promise:
—- To be the best of yourself, forever!
Love ourselves, help people and benefit the world!