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加拿大数学公开赛(Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge) 是加拿大首屈一指的全国数学竞赛,其为加拿大奥数国家队Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO)首轮选拔赛。旨在鼓励学生探索、发现和学习更多关于数学和解决问题的知识。主办方加拿大数学学会的核心宗旨是促进数学研究,帮助改进加拿大中小学的数学教学,鼓励支持数学和数学教育的发展。

加拿大数学奥赛前50 名将被邀请参加拿大第二轮选拔赛,角逐国家队训练营席位。进而参加加拿大数学奥林匹克(CMO),亚太数学奥林匹克(APMO),美国数学奥林匹克(USAMO)和国际数学奥林匹克(IMO),被邀请参加夏令营。

The Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC) is Canada’s premier national mathematics competition that is open to any student with an interest in and grasp of high school math. The purpose of the COMC is to encourage students to explore, discover, and learn more about mathematics and problem solving. The competition serves to provide teachers with a unique student enrichment activity during the fall term.

Approximately the top 50 students from the COMC will be invited to write the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO). Students who excel in the CMO will have the opportunity to be selected as part of Math Team Canada — a small team of students who travel to compete in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). Depending on grade level and performance, students participating in the COMC can also have opportunities to garner awards, to win prizes, to be considered for scholarships, and to get invited to camps.


加拿大公开数学挑战赛 (COMC):一般在每年的11月份举行。

  •  Thursday, November 8th,2018 :Canada/ American (anywhere in North/South American time zones),
  •  Friday, November 9th,2018: elsewhere in the world.\
  • 老师协助报名


  • 19岁以下; The student must be under 19 years of age as of June 30, 2018 and
  • 加拿大公民或永久居民,并在公/私立中学注册; The student must be attending school full-time (elementary, secondary, Cégep, or home-schooled) at least since Sept 15, 2018 and
  • 未参加过PUTNAM数学竞赛 The student must not have written the Putnam competition.


  • 大约50名优胜者会被邀请参加CMO;
  • 每个省或地区的第一名会获得一块奖牌,他/她所在的学校也会获得一块奖牌;
  • 每个省或地区的前九名获得金牌,
  • 前25%获得证书。


  • A部分8道题,每题5分;解答过程部分正确也可得一些分。
  • B部分4道题,每题10分;即使答案正确但表述不清,也会被扣分。



  • Probability 可能性
  • Euclidean and analytic geometry 欧氏和解析几何
  • Trigonometry, including functions, graphs and identities 三角函数,包括函数,图形和恒等式
  • Exponential and logarithmic functions指数和对数函数
  • Functional notation功能表示法
  • Systems of equations方程组
  • Polynomials, including relationships involving the roots of quadratic and cubic equations多项式,包括涉及二次和三次方程根的关系
  • The remainder theorem剩余定理
  • Sequences and series序列和系列
  • Simple counting problems简单的计数问题
  • The binomial theorem 二项式定理
  • Elementary number theory, including tests for divisibility, number of divisors, and simple Diophantine equations 初等数论,包括可除性,除数的数量和简单的丢番图方程的检验